In honor of the US Supreme Court's decisions today, I would just like to quote Eric Flint.

“They’re madmen, I tell you!” exclaimed Beatty, still with that grin. “They’re even advocating amalgamation!”
Porter cleared his throat. There were limits, and he had finally reached all of them.
“No, actually—and I’d advise you to be careful how you phrase that. They are not advocating
amalgamation. They’re simply calling for the removal of all laws that regulate marriage by criteria of color.”
Beatty was giving him that look that Porter had come to detest. Half frowning, because he was stupid.
Half jeering, because his stupidity had no bottom.
“If you can’t understand the difference, Representative Beatty, it’s the difference between advocating divorce and allowing for it in the law. I do not advocate that you divorce your wife.”
Not that the poor woman probably wouldn’t thank me.
“I do, however, propose to make it legally possible for you to do so, should that be your choice.”
May 14, 1943

Howard was pouring a drink when Peggy came into his study.

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September 1, 1939

"Erik, you will be late!" Abraham called at the sound of a particularly loud bang from Erik's room.

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New York City. August 31st 1937

"Dr. Erskine. It's a real pleasure to see you again. May I introduce Agent Carter, she works with me in the Strategic Scientific Reserve."

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Notes: This was originally posted here at [ profile] 1stclass_kink

Lodz, August 1937

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Warnings: General WW2 setting and following historic attitudes, likely slash in later chapters, others will be advised both in the masterpost and at the beginning of the relevant chapters

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Charles/Erik or Erik gen – Marvel AU, Erik is Howard Stark's ward

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Sep. 27th, 2011 06:11 pm
So, Delicious has a new look. To be honest I'm not sure I like it.

Tags Pages Aren't Arranged Chronologicly
Not Enough Contrast
Can't Change Number of Links on a Page
Can Only Jump Four Pages at a Time
Can't See Other Peoples Notes
Can't Hide Urls
Don't Like Default Avatar
So my friend roped me into RPG-ing Friday week ago. As a result I finally got around to reading the Dresden RPG book I torrented a while ago. My thoughts while reading:

The Old World
makes the UN look like the local bridge club
Sorry Jim, I've heard my Nanny talking about the bridge club. They make the Fae look like the UN.

the Jade Court is a wild card
Yeah this isn't foreshadowing at all. If the Jade Court don't show up as a replacement for the Red Court...

Oh God the tongue on page 19 is gross.

Seriously, what is it with the tongues in this book?

Gabriel never walks quietly when he can appear in a chorus of light
Is it bad that I thought this was a great description of SPN's Gabriel?
To the writers of American TV shows. It's wonderful you want to have Halloween themed episodes. It's great that you want to include the Celtic history of Samhain.


It is not pronounced like it is spelled.

I've seen both Supernatural and Criminal Minds mess this up recently. (Supernatural was aired a while ago, but I only saw it a week ago.)

Do two minutes of research and go on Wikipedia where they have an audio file of the RIGHT pronunciation.

It's not that hard!



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